Posted on: Fri, Aug 11, 2023
Category: Documentary
Description: Grbavica is a part of the city of Sarajevo that was under occupation. Many of its residents fled across the Miljacka River to the other side, becoming refugees in their own city. Bosniaks and Croats who remained in this part of the city were subjected to daily harassment, and many were killed. This is one of the rare scenes from the occupied part of the city recorded in the early days of the siege and attacks on Sarajevo. Nedim Alikadić, who found himself in this part of the city with his family when the war broke out, had a video camera. With his camera, he recorded in the early days of the war. In addition to the shelling of the city, he also recorded a military action in which a group of soldiers dragged a prisoner to the other side. At the time of filming, he was not sure what was happening, but during filming, the dramatic situation, confusion, excitement, and fear characteristic of the first days of the siege were felt.
Archival Holding: Library Hamdija Kreševljaković Video Arhiv Sarajevo
Archival Date: 02.05.1992
Archival Collection: Nedim Alikadić's Grbavica videos
Archival Author: Nedim Alikadić