Posted on: Tue, May 7, 2024
Category: Documentary
Description: While the city burns, residents continue to listen to patriotic songs about the land they cherish. Music played a significant role in maintaining the spirits of the citizens. The cameraman strives to focus on his job. Everything was disappearing in the city... only the cemeteries were expanding. In the video FACTOR OF DANGER filmed during the siege, Sead Kreševljakovič and Nedim Alikadić depicted the area where the famous Sarajevo cemetery Lav was located, as well as the former auxiliary stadium where a new cemetery emerged. Across from the cemetery was the destroyed ZETRA venue where the 1984 Winter Olympics were held. The song HEROJ ULICE (1981) (Hero of the Street) by the Croatian band Prljavo Kazalište perfectly described those days.
Archival Holding: Library Hamdija Kreševljaković Video Arhiv Sarajevo

Archival Collection: Kreševljaković siblings' collection